SANDY Joint 2nd place in UK for Poor Air Quality 


(LIVE AIR QUALITY INDEX - Updated regularly during the day:)

(Data table courtesy of "WORLD AIR QUALITY PROJECT" from Sandy Roadside Monitoring Station)

The WHO guideline values for particulate matter are:

PM2.5= 10 μg/m3 & PM10 = 20 μg/m3


PM10 = 19 ug/m3   PM2.5 = 12 ug/m3 

 The latest Air Quality results based on WHO (World Health Organisation) guidelines show Sandy as joint 2nd in the UK for levels of PM2.5 - this is a measure of airborne particle matter caused by pollution. The levels on their latest results show Sandy as having 13 ug/m3 compared to a max 10 ug/m3 which is the recommended maximum level on WHO guidelines.

 Extract from WHO "Air Quality Guidleline for Particle Matter..." Global Update 2015: 

"The evidence on airborne particulate matter (PM) and its public health impact is consistent in showing adverse health effects at exposures that are currently experienced by urban populations in both developed and developing countries. The range of health effects is broad, but are predominantly to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. All population is affected, but susceptibility to the pollution may vary with health or age. The risk for various outcomes has been shown to increase with exposure and there is little evidence to suggest a threshold below which no adverse healtheffects would be anticipated." 

Councillor Adam Zerny posted his concerns on his facbook page in May 2018, an extract: 

"..To monitor fine particle pollution, CBC has been measuring atmostpheric particulate matter also known as PM2.5**. The Council says levels have dropped since monitoring began in 2013 but admits the most recent annual average reading, from 2016, shows an increase, rising to 12. This is the figure to which the BBC refers. 

To put this figure of 12 in context, bear in mind it is an annual average and will have been much higher for long periods of time. To illustrate this, at the moment I published this post, the latest published reading for Sandy was 41, at 7am this morning, as compared to 62 in the centre of London. The highest PM2.5 reading in Sandy in the last 48 hours was 156, yesterday, which is seen as 'very unhealthy'..." 

To read Adam's full post - click on this link: 

Below is the link to the WHO results database if you would like to reveiw the information in more detail.:

Click on the below to help understand more about your Air Quality from the BBC News:

PM2.5 and PM10 Explained by BBC News 


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