Traffic Videos

Members have expressed concerns about a variety of traffic management and roading issues that impact residents of Sandy and Beeston.

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 Subject areas of videos:

Video 1 to Video 7:     Beeston Traffic, Northbound on A1 with speed camera

Video 8:                       HGV coming along Sandy High Street and turning into Station Road.

Video 9:                       HGV coming from Station Road, turning towards Potton over railway bridge

Video 10:                     HGV coming from Potton into Sandy High Street

Video 11:                     HGV coming south bound on A1 and turning left into New Road/Station Road

Video 12:                     HGV leaving New Road turning left onto A1 South bound

Video 13:                     HGV leaving New Raod turning right onto A1 North bound


The SG19 group would like to thank Amorco for kindly supplying one of their HGVs with a driver to allow us to demonstrate the issues surrounding the road network around Sandy - These videos demonstrate the issues fro HGV drivers due to poor road layout, driving correctly, they cannot help but create obstructions or incease risks to themselves and other roasd users.

The issues higlighted are easliy correctable by Bedford Council and Highways England if reviewed properly and remedial work carried out.