SG19 Group Meeting 19th March

The meeting took place at the Sandy Conservative Club on Wednesday 19th 7.30pm.
The meeting kicked off with Mr Stephen Allen welcoming the Highways Agency represented by Jennie Volp and Mr Eric Cooper.
They then introduced themselves and explained to the very well attended meeting that the H A are more than happy to interact with SG19 R S A G and in fact are already doing so with other groups in other area's of the A1 catchment area.
They explained who holds the purse strings and how monies are released for the many different developments and issues raised by residents and action groups such as our group.
After their presentation a short video was shown to the meeting which highlighted many of the present issues existing in the Sandy and Beeston area of the A1, including the filming of some illegal manoeuvres, but mainly showing the dangerous conditions for pedestrians and the speeding that is now prevalent.
This led to general questions and answers being discussed with the H A representatives and who is responsible and suggested the best way to deal with each issue.
All in all a very productive meeting with 95% of the seats taken with many positive actions to follow up coming from the many different questions.
Mike Lacey Secretary SG19 R S A G.