The A1 at Beeston has a 50 mph limit and fixed speed camera's are presently located in both North and South carriageways. The location of these camera's is proving not to be stopping speeding through Beeston.

This is because traffic travelling North has a 60 mph up to the edge of Beeston where the limit reduces to 50 mph.

Unfortunately the traffic mostly does not slow to the lower speed until it is within 50 meters of the fixed speed camera.

This means that a very high percentage of the traffic is passing through a large distance of the village well above the speed limit, and after slowing for the camera they then accelerate away up to Sandy roundabout.
This also applies to the South bound traffic with only the shortest distance at 50 mph, before accelerating for the remaining few hundred meters out of the village.
The problem is that they are located in the wrong location, but more importantly they are yesterday's technology, very expensive to administer and for this reason the police only very seldom have the camera's operating. Basically they not interested and pass the buck when safety is mentioned.
In order to counteract the speeding, average speed camera's would reduce the speed very effectively.
During the recent resurfacing of the A1 the Highways Agency saw fit to reduce the speed limit to 40 mph.
This was enforced 24/7 days a week. The sign SPEED REDUCED FOR SAFETY REASONS appeared, this is exactly how we see the need to have the speed limit reduced.
Since the completion of the resurfacing there has been a spate of R T A's many causing long delays with injuries to some drivers and passengers.
Having a nice smooth new tarmac surface with newly painted lines appears to have brought the boy racers to this section of the A1.