I've been meaning to contact the council for some time (and will still do so) regarding the safety of drivers and pedestrians at the mini roundabout junction of Berwick Way and Alnwick Close. 

Entry onto this junction is often perilous due to drivers exiting out of the estate at speed. Once they have passed all the chicanes there is nothing to slow them down and they drive straight over the flat roundabout at speed as they approach the junction on to Sunderland Road.

Exiting Alnwick Close is difficult due to a blind bend so cars often need to break suddenly. With the park so close by there are often children and dog walkers crossing the road.

Raising the roundabout and putting the roundabout warning signs up may encourage drivers to slow down and treat it as a roundabout according to the highway code.  Many are certainly not doing 20 mph going over it as it is today.