Traffic is coming off the A1 each morning and, at high speed, using London Road as a 'rat run' to avoid queues at the Sandy roundabout. There should be something done about either slowing speeds or preventing traffic from the A1 using it at all (except for access). Maybe a series of chicanes would be an answer.

Comments from members:

"The speed that some of the traffic comes onto London Road from the A1 is sometimes horrific! However I suspect (as with most other areas of concern regarding road safety around Sandy) it will take a fatal accident before anyone sits up and takes notice - even then that would be no guarantee of any action being considered by the powers that be!"



"I live in London Road and am concerned about how my road is indeed used as a 'rat run'.  We are unable to get out of the road between 7.30 and 9am, without it taking 10-15 minutes to reach the A1, which is absolutely ludicrous!  I know it is difficult in Sandy (St Neots Road, Bedford Road and the Town Centre), but it is not helped by the road traffic sign indicating that you can reach the Town Centre down London Road.


I also think it is dangerous once you come up London Road on foot and want to use the Co-op Supermarket.  Perhaps it could be mentioned that a footbridge across that section would be extremely helpful.  Mind you, as was said, it will probably take an accident/fatality before anything is done."

Anonymous - posted 7th October 2014