The junction with the High Street needs improving to cope with the volume of traffic and its safe negotiation by HGVs.

Improvements to the footpath across the railway bridge with better access to it from the High Street for those wishing to access the station platform for trains to London.

Installation of a pelican crossing for the safety of pedestrians going to the station.

Upgrading of the road surface and improvements to the carriageway generally.

Widening the road for HGVs to pass each other safely,   without pulling over, and to allow for the installation of a proper cycle lane.

Installation of a new pavement along the station side of the road from the current station artwork to the existing 30 mph sign. Upgrading of the existing pavement at the ‘pinch point’ by the Bell PH.

Improvements to the exit from the station car park

At the entrance to Tesco, construction of a central lane where traffic from the High Street can wait, safely and without obstructing other traffic, to turn right. (In accordance with DFT recommendations.)