Sunderland/St Neots/Bedford Road Roundabout

Speaking as a Sandy resident for 28 years my fellow pedestrians STILL comment to me when crossing Sunderland Road that drivers frequently do not signal at all when coming off the roundabout to go down Sunderland Road.

Signage on all 4 roads feeding the roundabout has been needed for ages

John Taylor


I would like to add a comment concerning Sunderland Rd, which appears not to be listed amongst your road safety concerns.

Walking in to the town via St Neots Rd, I cross Sunderland Rd every day at the roundabout and am amazed at how dangerous this can be. I fear for the young children (and mothers) who have to cross this road on their way to school for instance.

Crossing Sunderland Rd from the St Neots Rd side, it can be impossible to tell when it is safe to cross to the central island, with traffic shooting across the roundabout at speed from Bedford Rd or from the town, in to Sunderland Rd. Not all drivers are bad in this respect but enough are to make crossing on foot dangerous. Likewise, on the other side, traffic races up Sunderland Rd to the roundabout at speeds well in excess of the speed limit (excess speed is often a problem along much of Sunderland Rd).

Some drivers do stop to let pedestrians cross but many don't, being in a mad rush to cross the roundabout. As a lot of children cross Sunderland Rd at the roundabout, both going to school and coming home, this is unquestionably an area that should be considered for road safety improvement.

M Harper