Average Speed Cameras installation on A1 at Beeston

Highways England has issued a Public Notice in 22nd June Biggleswade Chronicle regarding an Order to allow for the installation of Average Speed Cameras and carriageway resurfacing. 

The works are expected to last for approximately 8 months, taking place overnight - 10 pm to 6 am - starting on or after 16th July.

The effect of the Order would be to a) impose, for 24 hours daily, a 50 mph speed limit, in conjunction with lane closures, on the A1 northbound and southbound between Biggleswade South roundabout and the Black Cat roundabout and b) close alternately the northbound and southbound carriageways between the same two roundabouts, including all gaps in the central reservation. 

Access to property fronting the A1 would be maintained during the works.