Letter to Biggleswade Chronicle 1st April 2016

If there was ever any doubt that Sandy and Beeston need a proper bypass, last Thursday’s traffic logjam proved just how long overdue such a road is and how essential it is that one be built with minimal delay. While some comfort may be taken from the route study that is being undertaken by the Department of Transport – reviewing the A1 from the M25 to Peterborough – it is going to be some time before there is any report. Surely the powers that be must recognise that much of the A1 is motorway standard from the M25 to Baldock hence to be apparently giving equal consideration of ‘needs’ to such disparate sections of this major route seems grossly unfair. It should not be forgotten that a proper route was planned in 1994 but the project was never implemented. 


It has to be hoped that our MP, Alistair Burt, will be soon be stepping up to the mark to properly represent the concerns of his constituents in Sandy and Beeston. 


The SG19 Road Safety Group is continuing to gather signatures to our petition for a bypass and for an improvement to the local road network. 


Please sign our petition at www.sg19.org and write to our MP in support of the need for a proper bypass. 




Stephen Allen


Chairman, SG19 Road Safety Group