19 December 2013, SG19 Meet CBC

The SG19 ROAD SAFETY ACTION GROUP had their first meeting with the Central Beds Council on Thursday 19th December at the central beds office Chicksands.
Attendees on behalf of the council were Councillor Brian Spurr, Paul Cook Head of Transport Strategy, and Marcel Coiffait, Director of Community Services.
Representing SG19 group were Stephen Allen Chairman of the group, Mike Lacey Secretary, and Andrew Clark Group webmaster.
The following is the notes of the many different issues that were discussed, but should not be taken as official minutes.
  • Mr Cook informed the group that he is relatively new in his position and as such wanted to deal with the groups concerns that are present issues and not go back on previous outstanding issues that the group had raised.
  • He looked on this meeting as being the first step in the recognition of the group.
  • There after the different issues that we have listed on the web site were discussed with the council representatives and these issues were generally accepted as concerns on safety aspects and in many cases it became clear that the council was unaware of many of the group concerns.
  • It was agreed that the ultimate aim was clearly getting the earlier  A1 bypass plans reinstated, but it was also accepted that the wheels of government turn extremely slowly on such matters.
  • It was also noted that hard evidence of our safety issues would aid our case with the various agencies.
  • The Highways Agency and Police Force being the main points of contact, as well as keeping the council informed of any developments.
  • Mr Cook did inform the group that the H A were sitting on a  400% budget increase from the government.
  • The meeting closed after one hour of discussion and no date was fixed for any follow up meetings.
  • It should be noted that this is not to be taken as the official minutes, but highlights of the first meeting.