Inadequate signage causing confusion for HGV access to Sunderland Road

Hi. I'm concerned about the number of HGV's driving up Cambridge road, immediately turning round and returning to the high street. I would estimate 2-3 per week. It is also a common occurrence to see HGVs stopping by the bus stop in the square and reversing or turning onto the high street. I suspect that these vehicles are trying to access Sunderland road and due to the height/weight restriction for accessing Sunderland road from the bedford road/high street/St neots road roundabout they/or their sat navs are directing them up Cambridge road (which is a dead end). Either the sign at the roundabout/sunderland road needs to specify how vehicles (7.5 +) can access Sunderland road (i.e via A1), or clearer signage at the Cambridge road/St swithuns road junction to state that there is no access to Sunderland road. Vehicles should find it easier to manoeuvre at this junction rather than at the top of Cambridge road. Many thanks.

Anonymous resident

raised 15 August 2014